History – A History of our Church


Where we have been to where we are now

In 1831 three interested people met to discuss the organization of a church in North Woolwich to meet the spiritual needs of the area. This led to NWMC being organized as a Methodist Episcopal Society in July of 1832.

The deed for the church land was recorded November 1, 1833. The church was built and dedicated in 1834, remodeled in 1867 and again in 1893. The architecture is Greek revival. The interior originally contained box pews.

The church closed in 1943. Thirteen years later a bequest was received from Frank Walker that prompted the reopening of the church – Mrs. Jennie Howe, Mr. Clarence Baker, Mary Carlton and Mrs. Florence Temple were original Trustees. They were joined by Mr. & Mrs. Densmore Leach and Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Allen. There had been considerable damage due to disuse during those 13 years, so reopening was not an easy task.

In the fall of 1957 Sunday School was opened in the Vestry with eighteen children enrolled. In the late 1960’s-early 70s, we participated in a United Parish with the Day’s Ferry Congregational Church - alternating buildings. As both congregations grew, this was no longer feasible. Since then, three building additions have been made – in 1992, 2004 and 2013. Ministers since the reopening are: Rev. Richard Arnold, Rev. Fredrick Niles, Rev. James Daniels, Rev. Evelyn Bignell, Peter Willard, Frank Hayward, John Ratliff, Rev. James Herrick, Rev. Stanley Johnson, Rev. Kenneth McCowan, John Thorpe, and David Ouellette.

It is worth noting that the first Woolwich Community Memorial Day Service was held here in 1902. We continue to rotate with 4 other churches in town in continuing this tradition.