Youth Ministry

Youth Programs 6th-12th grades

The teen opportunity for faith to be explored, challenged, and deepened on a personal level.  Activities are designed to increase interaction with both trusted caring adults and peers. Each volunteer and staff member has participated in our Safe Sanctuary training program and has undergone a background check.  Your teen's safety and well-being is important to us!

Social Activities

We offer fun activities in a safe, positive environment where they can strengthen friendships, make new ones, invite friends outside of the church, and get to know adult leaders:

  • Potluck and Game Night
  • Movie Night
  • Ice skating
  • Sledding
  • Beach days
  • Water park trips
  • Winter and Summer camps
  • Bowling
  • Hikes

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Bible Study and Prayer

A weekly study and discussion about the Bible and how it applies to issues teens deal with.


Our youth leader and staff meets with small groups of students in various settings to provide opportunities for more personal sharing and prayer times.

  • Sharing meals/coffee at a local restaurant
  • Attend teen's school, sporting, and fine arts events
  • Prayer Partners ministry
  • Volunteer activities

Opportunities for Service

Our teens are encouraged to put their faith into action by serving locally for community organizations, helping members of the congregation, assisting at church events, serving at community outreach events, and participating in missions trips.

Connection with Local Christian Teens

We want teens to see how God is working outside of their own church by participating in:

  • Para-church organizations: Young Life
  • School-based groups: Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Midcoast area churches: cosponsored speakers and social events